In 2096 the mankind mastered the world and the era of superheroes began. After watching popular movies, every third person sewed himself a costume. They eradicated crime, and even a petty thief new that by the end of the day someone in a tight and bright costume would be waiting for him. Looks like a golden age, doesn’t it?

It all went wrong because of the so called ‘super villain’. Professor Digger with his enormous underground lab and his mole servants was a thorn in the eye for the citizens of this little paradise.

The retribution followed quickly. A superhero squad destroyed the lab, killed the scientist…

But made a grave mistake. They let his accomplices live. And their time is about to come…

Q3-Q4 2016

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About game

Bomberlands is a 3D game for Windows/Mac/Linux in the mixed action\rpg\adventure genre.

Developed on Unity engine. Bombs! Explosions! Robots and monsters! Tricky mazes and though puzzles!

The game tells the story of villain’s minions, hiding on a destroyed underground base. The primary task is to restore the base and to save other minions, locked in labyrinths. Throughout the game the player meets new friends, many enemies and their superiors, solves tough puzzles and chooses from a number of gameplays.



  • Customize your character — you can be either a fast scout or an indestructible warrior.
  • Dynamic PvP battles or tactical combats — choose your own fighting style!
  • Gear up properly — you are about to attack enemy’s bases!
  • Rank first in online combat ratings and win most precious awards!
  • Remarkable well-developed characters with personal qualities.
  • Replayability — you can complete levels in a number of different ways.


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